Online suppliers & manufacturers of pest control and remedial products for domestic and professional use based in UK.

Using our process, the company now develops new products with huge demand , and expands its operation in new European marketplaces, along with the expansion to the vast pest control market in the United States, a strategic move that anticipates significant growth and success.

With our experience we recognize in this company limitless growth in new markets, innovative products, and dynamic selling channels.

The expansive portfolio of products is sold under four distinct brands.
Rodent Control & Prevention Products

Insect Control & Prevention Products

Spike & Netting Products for the control & Prevention of Feral Birds
Professional damp and remedial prevention for the building and construction industry.
Top-selling marketplace food supplements and cosmetics brand.
Dozens of hemp-based, top-ranked products, including hemp gummies, hemp oil capsules, hemp gel, hemp cream, detox pills, height pills, antibacterial creams, and anti-aging creams, among other beauty and hair treatment products that are all manufactured in the United States.
We are constantly engaged in utilizing cutting-edge methods, including artificial intelligence, to discover the next best-selling product.
Top-selling marketplace toys for kids brand.
Amazon dominates the toy market in the United States.
With a user-friendly interface and efficient delivery services, Amazon remains a go-to destination for parents and gift-givers looking for quality toys for children.
with constant market research and analysis, we identify specific products that are in high demand and thrive on

We are a brand with a passion for darts and an understanding that finding the right equipment is important for players. The key to progressing in the sport and reaching higher levels is finding confidence in your setup. Our product range is now growing after supporting many players with equipment and we continue to strive for high quality and professional darts products.
This is an excellent position to be part of a consistently growing market.

Supporting World Champions Of The Future
Our state-of-the-art Sharpening Stone manufacturing process is 100% implemented to both sides of a SINGLE piece of stone and takes 3 times longer than regular sharpening stone manufacturing!